ELAPSE Language Resources now online!

Steven Fawkes, ALL volunteer and ELAPSE project member

ELAPSE (Embedding Languages across Primary and Secondary Education) has now published its Resources online, free of charge to schools and teachers.

The project provides a wealth of information and classroom materials for teacher interested in integrating broader curriculum content with language learning at primary and secondary levels, and for transition.

ELAPSE has created a website with practical tools for busy teachers interested in the idea of integrating Language learning and other curriculum content in some way. The project focuses on the years of transition from Primary to Secondary education – roughly from ages 8 to 14, and the ELAPSE team (from Austria, France, Spain and UK) has developed 20 lesson plans and resources – in all four languages of the project team – which form the heart of this project.


The ELAPSE online course explores rationale, the principles of scaffolding of new language, CLIL approaches and related notions which prioritise Content, Communication, Cognition and Culture. It uses text, graphics and video clips of teachers and learners in the classroom to bring the ideas to life. The website also host practical cross-curricular tools in the form of fully-resourced, ready-to-use lesson plans, a learning pathway to show teachers how to create their own lessons on the same model, and a good practice guide with advice from around the world.

Everything is free of charge for educational purposes, courtesy of Erasmus + and you can read more in the CLIL Zone of the ALL website.

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