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  • Creativity and Talk in Languages Education
    The DELTEA study has found ways to support teacher learning about creativity and talk in languages education.  This aligns with Voice 21’s ongoing work to foster the development of spoken language which …Read More »
  • Values matter in teaching!
    Recent surveys conducted by PiPL and researchers from Oxford and Reading found that it’s really important for languages teachers that teaching aligns with their beliefs and values.  Yet discussion of teachers’ values …Read More »
  • Supporting primary languages teachers: What does research tell us?
    Several important findings are emerging from two ongoing research projects by RiPL members that we’d like to share with you.  The Progression in Primary Languages project (PiPL), led by Rowena Kasprowicz at …Read More »
  • Teacher Toolkit: Teaching Primary MFL in Multilingual KS2 Classrooms
    With the introduction of Modern Foreign Languages (MFL) as a compulsory part of the primary curriculum back in 2016, many Key Stage 2 teachers were tasked with getting to grips with a …Read More »
  • ELAPSE Language Resources now online!
    ELAPSE (Embedding Languages across Primary and Secondary Education) has now published its resources online, free of charge to schools and teachers with a wealth of information and classroom materials for teacher interested …Read More »
  • Teacher focus: Jesualdo Martínez Molina The Premier Academy, Bletchley
    Jesualdo Martínez Molina from The Premier Academy, Bletchley, explains about his experiences and activities in building on the Academy's reputation for specialist teaching and in developing the already established Spanish department. Continue …Read More »
  • The Association for Language Learning Primary Languages Conference – Online
    The Association for Language Learning (ALL) Primary Languages Conference – Online will take place on Saturday 17th October 2020. The theme of the conference is ‘Pillars of Progression’. The key note speaker …Read More »
  • CLIL in Australia – student success in language learning, English literacy and content outcomes
    In recent years there has been a surge in the popularity of CLIL – Content and Language Integrated Learning – as a way to increase time on task for language learning and …Read More »
  • Teaching and Learning Languages in Primary Schools: Putting Research into Practice
    A MOOC, as many of you will know, is a Massive Open Online Course, a hugely popular way of delivering interactive courses, and after several months of intensive work we have developed …Read More »
  • Assessment in the context of primary languages
    The mention of the term ?assessment? in the context of primary languages usually prompts two, related responses: should we be assessing learners; if so, how should we be doing it? Taking the …Read More »


RiPL Newsletter 15 PDF Download 

Key features

RiPL Newsletter 14 PDF Download

Key Features

MOOC Special – launching on 6th July 2020. Information and links to register in the Newsletter. Join us!

RiPL Newsletter 13 PDF Download

Key features

  • Useful languages sites for teaching during lockdown
  • Teaching languages in
    primary schools: putting research into practice – new MOOC!
  • New page on Transition

RiPL Newsletter 12 PDF Download

Key features

  • Conference: Primary Languages Policy in England
  • Conference reports and comments

RiPL Newsletter 11 October 2019

RiPL Newsletter 11 PDF Download

Key features

  • Conference: Primary Languages Policy in England
  • Conference questions
  • White Paper summary recommendations

RiPL Newsletter 10 - Webinar Special July 2019

  • Webinar panel presentations
  • Questions and answers
  • Listen again webinar link

RiPL Newsletter 9 May 2019

RiPL Newsletter 9 PDF Download

Key features

  • Language policy in the media
  • New book! Early Language Learning and Teacher Education
  • Write away! – Clare Seccombe

RiPL Newsletter 9 - additional pages

RiPL Newsletter 9 - additional pages

RiPL Newsletter 8 - White Paper Special 5 March 2019

RiPL Newsletter 8 White Paper Special PDF download

Key features


RiPL Newsletter 7 February 2019

RiPL Newsletter 7 PDF download

Key features

RiPL Newsletter 6 December 2018

RiPL Newsletter 6 PDF download

Key features

  • Olympia 2018
  • Primary French Project
  • New Book: Multilingual Matters
  • Finland
  • Herts for Learning

RiPL Newsletter 5 October 2018

RiPL Newsletter 5 PDF download

Key features

  • SUPL update
  • Festival of Social Science
  • CPD training
  • Language Magician, Language Show
    NALDIC conference

RiPL Newsletter 4 July 2018

RiPL Newsletter 4 PDF download

Key features

  • RiPL policy summit
  • BAAL Applying
  • Linguistics Fund
    Report: AILA research network in early language learning
  • Report: Workshop on L2 learning

RiPL Newsletter 3 June 2018

RiPL Newsletter 3 PDF download

Key features

  • CEFR update
  • IRIS resources and data centre
  • Essex Language
  • Conference for Teachers (ELCT)

RiPL Newsletter 2 April 2018

RiPL Newsletter 2 PDF download

Key features

  • Bilingualism Matters – Launch of East of England branch
  • SUPL – Southampton teacher-research group

RiPL Newsletter 1 March 2018

RiPL Newsletter 1 PDF download

Key features

  • Introducing RiPL
  • Seven key areas of research

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