Preparing younger learners for life in post-Brexit Britain

11:PM 23:00 Greenwich Mean Time on Friday, 31st January 2020 marks the moment when the United Kingdom formally ends its membership of the European Union, severing a relationship that has been in place for 47 years. The historic significance of this event and its ongoing ramifications will affect everyone in every part of the country, irrespective of affiliations to either side of the Brexit debate, which continues to divide public opinion in all four corners of the UK. As educators, and linguists, now more than ever, we must ask ourselves how we can best prepare younger learners for life in post-Brexit Britain, and question the role of languages within that remit.

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The revised new Curriculum for Wales

The revised Curriculum for Wales guidance has just been published following positive and constructive engagement and feedback last year.

Also published is the updated National Literacy and Numeracy Framework and Digital Competence Framework on Hwb, to support the cross-curricular skills which are integrated into the new curriculum.

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