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Integrating Assessment into Early Language Learning and Teaching

Research and practice together offer studies on integrating language learning, teaching and assessment from pre-primary to age 12. Chapters present a variety of private and state contexts across Europe and includes, e.g., classroom-based assessment, formative assessment, and developing assessment skills. It includes practical ideas for practitioners and case study insights for policymakers, teacher educators, researchers etc.

Early Language Learning and Teacher Education
International Research and Practice

A compilation of studies from differing geographical and educational contexts througout the world, offering enhanced understanding of early language teacher education, and a resource to assist in preparing the professional development of early language teachers. Topics include the complexity of teacher learning, mentoring and teacher supervision, programme development, knowledge and assessment in early language learning teacher education.

Early Language Learning
Complexity and Mixed Methods

A collection of research studies on foreign or second language in the classroom. Themes include English as an additional language, English as a second or foreign language, French as a modern foreign language, and content and language integrated learning (CLIL).

Early Instructed Second Language Acquisition.

An holistic overview of what leads to success in foreign language learning at an early age. The contributions deepen the understanding of early foreign language learning, describing various ways of organising and promoting very early foreign language learning, both through language policy and innovative pedagogy.

Collections of research studies - journals

AILA Review Vol. 32/1.

Enever, J. & Driscoll, P. (Eds.) (2019). Policy and practice in early language learning

The AILA Review is an annual publication, published on behalf of the Association Internationale de Linguistique Appliquée (International association for applied linguistics). The 2019 issue focuses, for the first time ever, on the theme of early language learning. The volume includes seven papers from diverse contexts around the world, addressing themes such as policy, neoliberalism, intercultural competence, diversity, processes of marginalization and the linguistic landscape. All papers are available to freely download.

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